Family office Management

Imagine having a relationship with your adviser where you know they understand you and the life you want to live. Imagine having a relationship with an adviser who knows your goals and is passionate about helping you achieve them.

An adviser with the ability to listen, and the subtlety to ask questions that probe to the heart of the most critical issues, to identify areas of concern and address them in a gentle but effective way. We know that the only way to achieve a positive outcome is to approach each challenge with the right mix of professionalism and sensitivity, with effective systems and processes in place to deal with the intersection of family, the family’s financials and the business.

Chapman Eastway has extensive experience advising wealthy families and individuals. Our Family Office integrates a leading service suite for the protection of wealth and family legacy across generations, ensuring adherence in line with the family’s values and priorities. Our priority is maintaining harmony between family members whilst protecting your wealth and ensuring each member of the family’s needs are planned for at every stage of life.

The process begins with an initial consultation, whereby the family’s personal, philanthropic and financial needs and wants are assessed. Then, we highlight areas of existing and potential risk before developing and implementing a realistic plan that aligns with your family’s goals. Working with Chapman Eastway will mean you have access at any time to:

  • A dedicated team of advisers who are committed to delivering results
  • Valuable taxation and superannuation
  • Wealth protection via a Chief Investment Officer function (outsourced)
  • Processes to enable the separation of family and business to maximise business operations and maintain family relationships
  • Capability to handle the day-to- day management of your financial affairs so your family has peace of mind that your affairs are being professional managed
  • Advice and guidance for younger generations as they enter leadership roles
  • Outsourced financial management including accounting, taxation and superannuation 
  • Regular reporting on your portfolio of active and passive investments


  • Corporate and personal tax advisory
  • Business strategic and management consulting
  • Governance
  • Accounting: Cash flow budgeting and reporting; executive payroll;
  • Wealth protection
  • Estate planning and succession advice for assets protection and wealth transfer 
  • Taxation Advisory: ATO and ASIC compliance
  • Bookkeeping: Administration/mail management
  • Superannuation planning
  • Structuring and facilitating Philanthropy 
  • Financial reporting and compliance

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